Books from the First World War

In commemoration of the First World War centenary (July 28, 1914), I’ve added fourteen new WWI ebooks to epubBooks. There’s a varied selection of Fiction (including some for young readers) and non-Fiction titles set in and about the Great War. These include well-known authors of the time such as Arthur Conan Doyle, John Buchan, Rudyard Kipling and H. G. Wells. Along with adding these new books, I’ve also re-assigned a number of older entries which should have been in these categories, so there are now over 20 WWI books available.

Here are few highlights from the recent additions; Continue reading “Books from the First World War”

New epubBooks Now Live!

Many long-standing visitors to epubBooks will certainly have noticed that I’d released an update to the site a few months back which added plenty of new functionality, along with a nice update to the styling. Although a new design, it was only a Beta and so was released with little fanfare.

Today’s update has fixed a large number of bugs from that release, added some more design tweaks, and a whole bunch of improvements to the search algorithms.

The original (live since 2008) was merely a simple catalog for browsing the free EPUB Classics that were (and still are) available for download. It served its purpose well, but demand for more modern titles and better search features led me to re-think not only the design, but the core purpose of the site. Limited time and resources have made it difficult to achieve all that I’d like but I think the site now has some interesting features. Continue reading “New epubBooks Now Live!”