New EPUB3 eBook Editions

A couple of months back I set to work on finishing the ground up rewrite of my PG eText to EPUB app and this week I reached a stage where I’m happy enough with the results to start releasing new editions of all the titles currently on epubBooks, along with starting to upload new ebooks.

The new pipeline I’m using (TXT > DocBook > EPUB) means that I can utilise the DocBook XSL project, and thus epubBooks now delivers all ebooks as EPUB3. The DocbookXSL stylesheets lack some of the more interesting EPUB3 features to allow them to be compatible with EPUB2 eReaders, which for the moment is good for everyone.

Along with releasing new editions of the current titles on the site, I’ve started to upload new books, including the long awaited The History of the Decline and fall of the Roman Empire (Volume 6), as well as the Works of Edgar Allan Poe, volumes 2, 3 and 4.

In addition to delivering ebooks as EPUB3, many more titles also include illustrations, if the originals had them.

Please note that these are new ebook editions and are fully copyrighted to epubBooks — the Creative Commons License is no longer in use. Check the copyright information at the beginning of each book for more details.

You can browse our new ebooks here.

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